Tips for Restoring Old Homes

With some hard work, expert skill, and a big imagination, what’s old can become new again. So if you love an old home that’s not in the best condition, consider restoring it! Give it a facelift and restore it to its former glory. However, it’s important to realize that restorations can be tricky and even treacherous. When an amateur tears apart a home and replaces elements, they can damage the house, destroy its value, or both! So our first tip is to work with a restoration expert, someone who understands both the technical and the stylistic demands required. Once you have a skilled contractor on your side, check out the rest of our tips for restoring old homes . . .

Tips for Restoring Old Homes

Tips for Restoring Old Homes

1. Stay Away from Trends. Many homeowners are tempted to use the hottest trends when restoring an old home. However, it’s important to realize that interior design trends come and go. To maintain the home’s value and create long-lasting beauty, stick with a classic look that reflects the era and style of the home. That said . . . 

2. Update to Modern Conveniences. There are trends and then there are modern, essential conveniences that won’t be going away anytime soon. Stylistically you should try to stay within the home’s era, but don’t be afraid of modern perks like walk-in closets, energy-efficient appliances, and an updated HVAC system. These choices won’t be questioned by future homebuyers and they can add a lot of value to the home.

3. Keep Cabinets, Wood Floors, Windows, Doors, etc. Of course this won’t be possible in every home, but if you have solid wood cabinets and floors, keep them! They were made for years of wear and tear, and they will help preserve the home’s aged beauty. You can strip or refinish them, patching where necessary, to give the wood new life. You should also hold on to old windows, which can be made energy-efficient, and original doors. Clean, refurbish, and restore these old items to save money and retain the home’s historical integrity.

4. Seek Quality Products, Not Bargains. Start saving those pennies because when it comes to home restorations, quality is key. Instead of trying to get a good deal with products that won’t last in the long run, save up for the real deal, whether that means gorgeous mahogany floors, old-fashioned tiles, or solid wood cabinets. They’re worth the splurge!

5. Don’t Knock Down Walls. Open floor plans are extremely popular these days, but they’re rarely the right choice in a historic home. By keeping the walls up, you’re saving money and maintaining the home’s bones. If you’re intent on knocking out a wall, at least give it some time. Live with the wall for six months or more so that you fully understand its function and role within the house. If you still despise it after half a year, feel free to knock it down but realize that this could lower the home’s value.

 – – – – –

As you plan your home restoration, take your time and consider each decision carefully using our tips for restoring old homes. Adding new features is easy, but remember that if you take away an old and original feature of your home and later decide that you made a mistake, you won’t be able to get it back. Only restore what needs restoring, because a historic home’s value and beauty hinge on its authenticity. Good luck!

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