Questions to Ask Your Building Contractor

So you’ve decided to build a house and you’ve found the right person to build it . . . Fantastic! Now that you’ve tackled those two major decisions, it’s time to focus on the details. Before construction begins, you will need to meet with your contractor so that they can explain the process, you can approve plans, and you can both ask a whole lot of questions. To help you get started with this overwhelming operation, today we’ve compiled a list of questions to ask your building contractor. Use them, adjust them, or ignore them completely! But whatever you do, be sure to at least take a look . . .

Questions to Ask Your Building Contractor

Questions to Ask Your Building Contractor

Can we go over our timeline? In addition to a start and end date, be sure that major installations (cabinets, flooring, baths) are on a schedule as well. You may also want to ask for a schedule that shows which workers will be working on your home on which days.

How will we communicate with each other? These days, there are so many different ways for people to communicate: in person, through e-mails, phone calls, cloud-based documents, text messages, Skype . . . Ask if your contractor has a preferred method, and ask how often they will be in touch with you.

How will you ensure that my home is protected and secure? When a house is built from scratch, home alarms are not yet in place and many laborers, managers, and deliverers will be coming in and out. Be sure that your building contractor has a plan in place for security.

If you aren’t present, who will be in charge? Your building contractor may not be present for every day of work. Find out if someone else will sometimes be acting as a supervisor, and be sure that all three (or more) of you are on the same page regarding the project timeline, communication, etc.

What if I change my mind? You will almost certainly wish to change some aspects of the project as it moves along. A good builder will try to roll with the punches, but sometimes that’s not possible. Ask your builder if they have a procedure for changes. How and when can you bring up desired changes? Will additional fees be applied?

Do you have any concerns about the project? Although you may hear some worrying statements, it’s best to get these out in the air before the house is built. You can keep these concerns in mind as you make decisions and checkup on your builder’s progress. You might also ask if the contractor would recommend any changes to your current plans for the home. Their experience and wisdom will surely come in handy!

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Finally, be sure to ask your building contractor questions personalized to your situation. Don’t be afraid to voice your own concerns, and be sure to do it early so that there is still time for your contractor to address any problems before they’re “set in stone.” Good luck!

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