How to Install a Dead Bolt

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night, unnerved and unable to shake the feeling that your front door is unlocked? Or, have you ever come back from an evening out and realized that your door’s been unlocked for hours? We talk a lot about building and remodeling homes on this blog, but today we want to remind you how important it is to keep your house secure and protected. One of the best ways to keep your home safe from intruders is to install a dead bolt lock. Wondering how to install a dead bolt? Read on to find out.

how to install a dead bolt

How to Install a Dead Bolt

1. Choose the right lock. If you’re going to place your trust in a lock, you need to be sure that the lock deserves your confidence. The lock should have at least a one-inch bolt and on the “strike side,” there should be a security plate anchored by screws that dig at least three inches into the door’s frame. Once you’ve found the perfect lock, be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. The lock should come with a template that tells you how to install a dead bolt.

2. Cut the necessary holes. Using a hole saw and the template provided, cut a hole through the door for the dead bolt. Then, drill another hole through the edge of the door using a spade bit.

3. Mortise the surrounding area. After that, hold up the dead bolt and trace around the faceplate. Using a wood chisel, mortise the area around the faceplate (i.e., make a recess). Chisel off enough wood so that when you insert the faceplate, it will be flush with the door’s edge.

4. Secure the lock. Next, fit the faceplate into the mortised area. Drill pilot holes first and then secure the dead bolt to the door with screws.

5. Install the cylinder and the lever. Now you can fit the cylinder and lever into place. Dry-fit them first, checking their positioning, and then fit the exterior side followed by the interior side. Align the screw holes and mounting holes, and then secure the product in place with screws.

6. Drill a hole in the doorframe. The cylinder and dead bolt are now in place, so you can move on to the doorframe’s hole. For accurate positioning, color the end of the bolt with paint, charcoal, lipstick, or something similar. Close the door and turn the lever, pushing the bolt into the doorframe. The paint will mark exactly where the bolt hits the doorframe. Using a spade bit, drill two overlapping holes.

7. Fit the strike plate. Mortise the area so that the strike plate will sit flush with the frame. Then, drill your pilot holes and screw in the strike plate.

8. Lock it! You’ve just learned how to install a dead bolt lock. Turn the lever and cherish your newfound home security!

Tip: If your door is near a window, learning how to install a dead bolt lock won’t do you much good. An intruder could knock out the glass and unlock the dead bolt. Instead, get a double cylinder lock that requires a key.

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