Home Building Myths

Have you always dreamed of building your own house? Harking back to the days of yore, building your home with your own two hands, designing it around your family’s needs, getting help from the community (or in this case, a contractor)? It’s a wonderful dream, but unfortunately, many people are afraid to turn their homebuilding dream into reality. Before you give yours up and start searching the local real estate listings, check out the home building myths we’ve listed below (as well as the truths behind them). Don’t let these home building myths stand in the way of your dream!

home building myths

Home Building Myths

MYTH: Building a home is incredibly expensive.

TRUTH: This myth does depend on the housing market, but at the moment new homes are still quite competitive. As long as you choose an affordable lot and keep the size reasonable, building a new home doesn’t have to have an exorbitant price tag. It will, however, require more of your time (for all those design details) and a later move-in day. Keep in mind that the price will reflect all of your choices (so you have the ability to make it budget-conscious) and that there will almost certainly be some impromptu, unplanned-for costs.

MYTH: Building a green home is incredibly expensive.

TRUTH: The second of our home building myths goes both ways. Yes, it is expensive to build a home that is very “green.” If you want to use all recycled or sustainable materials, utilize energy-efficient appliances, add special green features, etc., the price of your home will rise. However, if you design a smaller house, green living is much more attainable. And if you’re interested in environmentally-friendly living at all, consider adding just a few green elements because as the years pass, some products (like energy-efficient appliances) will pay for themselves in energy savings.

MYTH: Building a home requires special, complicated financing.

TRUTH: Building a home requires a regular mortgage just like any other home. As long as you have a strong credit score and a healthy down payment, you shouldn’t have any major problems. Yes, it may take a bit more time and research to find the right lender, but if you’re dedicated to the idea of building your own home, that shouldn’t be a deterrent. Also, be aware that some lenders will offer separate loans for construction financing.

MYTH: “They just don’t build them like they used to.”

TRUTH: Well, literally this myth is true, but the attitude with which it is spoken is where the myth rings false. Literally, we don’t build homes the same way they were built decades ago. However, the people promoting home building myths like these tend to say them with a disparaging spirit, insinuating that new homes are not as solid or reliable as older homes. That simply isn’t true. As the years have passed, home building technologies have progressed and improved. As long as you choose an experienced contractor (who won’t cut corners) and quality materials, you have nothing to fear.

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Now that you’ve learned the truth behind these home building myths, we hope you’re ready to move forward with this extremely exciting project. If you live in the southwest Missouri area, give Adam Cowherd Construction a call at 417-877-7548 to get started. We would love to help you build the home of your dreams.