Flat or Sloping Roof?

Do you prefer roofs that are flat as the plains or sloped like mountains? If you’re building a new home, shed, or building, or if you’re remodeling your current roof, you should always explore your options when it comes to roof shapes. Typically, we tend to see sloped (or pitched) roofs on residential homes and flat roofs on commercial spaces, but that doesn’t mean you must do the same. Both options come with pros and cons, which we plan to explore today. So should you choose a flat or sloping roof? Let’s find out . . .

Flat or Sloping Roof?

Flat or Sloping Roof?


Flat roofs are compact, economic, and efficient. A flat roof is often much cheaper than a sloped roof because of the difference in size and materials, but repairs can be more costly. Due to its flat shape, a flat roof may have ineffective drainage if it’s not properly maintained, installed, and designed (some have a minor incline). It’s important that you pay attention to these potential problems and have your roof inspected regularly to prevent leaks and other damage. Because of these potential drainage issues, flat roofs are less practical if you live in an area with plentiful rain. Finally, you need to consider whether a flat roof will aesthetically complement the architecture of your home or building. Many people consider flat roofs to be a modern design technique.


Sloping, pitched roofs better protect a building from rain and snow, and they offer more variety and flexibility. Like flat roofs, they also require regular maintenance, and their sloped structure makes repairs and maintenance more difficult (and dangerous!). They’re more expensive than flat roofs and they will likely cost more to install. However, a pitched roof provides excellent drainage, making it a must-have for many homeowners in rainy and snowy cities. Pitched roofs can also be very visually interesting, with different slope styles, shapes, dormer windows, and more. Plus, they can be used to form an attic or a beautifully sloped ceiling.

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If you’re having trouble deciding between the two roof structures, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Which style will complement the home or building’s architecture?
  • How much am I willing to spend on the roof itself?
  • How much am I willing to spend on installation and repairs?
  • Does my area receive a lot of rainfall or snow?
  • How will a flat or pitched roof affect the home or building’s interior?
  • How much maintenance am I comfortable with?
  • What color, texture, or material do I want for my roof?
  • Do I want my roof to act as a usable, functional space?
  • Will anything be on the roof (a chimney, garden, storage space, water tank, etc.)?
  • Am I concerned about my roof’s energy efficiency?

Additionally, be sure to ask your architect or builder for advice. Their years of experience will help them give you the expert advice you need to make a smart and sensible decision for your new roof.

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