Common Causes Of Roof Leaks

Roof leaks seem to happen at the worst possible time. Nobody likes worrying about their roof every time it rains, so it’s important to consider common causes of roof leaks and maintain your roof to avoid them.

Common Causes Of Roof Leaks

Common Causes Of Roof Leaks

1. Broken Shingles. Whether it’s a broken or a missing shingle, this is a very common cause of a roof leak. Weather conditions and/or constructing problems may lead to damaged shingles, which can leave your home exposed to rain. When such a leak occurs, a repair is necessary to prevent further trouble.

2. Cracked Flashing. Flashing is the metal part of your roof between the shingles and the joints and is usually affected by weather conditions, wearing out over time. Rain and wind may lead to a cracked flashing. It’s a problem you won’t want to ignore.

3. Cracked Roof Vents. These can cause lead to unwanted moisture throughout your home. Any gap, hole, or crack in a roof vent needs immediate attention.

4. Ice Dam. An ice dam is caused by an accumulation of ice on the roof of a building that can lead to water damage as the ice begins to melt in warmer temperatures. During new construction, the future development of an ice dam can be easily avoided by providing adequate insulation and roof ventilation. If this basic measure of prevention was not applied when the roof was constructed, a qualified roofing contractor can fix the leak and add proper levels of insulation and ventilation to avoid future problems.

5. Valleys. A valley is the place where two parts of the roof intersect. If they are not properly sealed, water ends up rolling through your roof’s slope, harming your roof’s shingles.

6. Age. How old is your roof? While age is not a guaranteed cause of roof leaks, it is important to inspect your roof from time-to-time for damage or wear to shingles.

7. Skylights. While skylights are great for providing natural light to a room, they can be the source of a leak if they were not installed and sealed properly.

8. Blocked gutter. Gutters that are clogged with debris and leaves must be cleaned carefully to avoid the accumulation of water that can cause leaks from your roof. Without the consistent cleaning of gutters, mold can also accumulate due to the slowed flow of water.

9. Holes. Small holes in your roof are an obvious cause of leaks, but they are quite easy to repair in most cases. A qualified contractor will simply patch the hole with the appropriate sealant.

10. Chimneys: Chimneys tend to collect water, which can lead to leaks. That’s why it is important to inspect your chimney periodically for cracks or worn out shingles or flashing in the area around the chimney.

There are many potential causes for roof leaks. It is important to contact a roofing contractor every few years to have your roof inspected for issues that could lead to leaks in the future. Doing so can help you avoid an inconvenient roof leak in the future.

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