Benefits of Eco Friendly Windows

Take a moment to appreciate the windows in your home. I know that sounds silly, but windows don’t often get the praise that they deserve. Windows let in light, usher in breezes on warm summer days, and (along with doors) bridge the gap between indoors and out. Imagine how barren and prison-like your home would feel without windows. No natural light. No view. No way to know if it’s sunny or snowing (without consulting the Internet or stepping outside, that is). Windows are so important to the functionality and appearance of our interiors, but unfortunately, not all windows are created equal. Some windows reduce our energy consumption, while others make it skyrocket. So if you’re in the market for new windows, please check out the benefits of eco friendly windows.

benefits of eco friendly windows

Benefits of Eco Friendly Windows

SAVE MONEY. You know how your electric bill seems to skyrocket during the summer and winter months? That upsurge is likely caused by poor insulation and substandard windows. Eco friendly windows, on the other hand, often use coverings to reflect sunlight, keeping your home cooler in the summertime. And during the winter, your eco friendly windows’ superior insulation will prevent heat from escaping. Because you won’t have to rely on your AC and heater so much, your electric bills should go down by 7-15% (according to Energy Star). This is one of the biggest benefits of eco friendly windows. Who doesn’t like saving money?

HELP THE ENVIRONMENT. Saving money is great, but step outside your own shoes for a moment and think about the bigger picture. Humans’ extravagant energy consumption is draining the world of resources. When you make little changes to your home and your routine (turning off lights, spending less time in the shower, replacing incandescent light bulbs), you’re supporting a larger goal that will reduce humans’ negative impact on Earth in the long run. You’ve shrunk your carbon footprint. So pat yourself on the back! Small though it may be, you’ve made a positive change in the world.

INCREASE YOUR COMFORT. The benefits of eco friendly windows extend beyond energy consumption. These top-notch products are designed to make you happy in your home. The interior glass of eco friendly windows creates such a strong barrier, you’ll be able to comfortably sit near your windows on blustery, bitterly cold nights without shivering. In the summer, your windows will block out heat while still ushering in most sunlight. And your home’s very slight reduction in visible light will be beneficial, reducing glare and preventing the sun from fading your belongings.

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The benefits of eco friendly windows far outweigh the cost. Although you will pay more for them upfront, your lowered electric bills, increased comfort, and reduced carbon footprint will make them worthwhile in the long run. Plus, when you sell your home eventually, top-notch windows will be an attractive selling point. To further the benefits of eco friendly windows, consider adding green window coverings as well. Made from recycled material and designed to further increase your energy savings, these window treatments are an excellent way to make the most of your eco friendly windows.